Right place at the right time

One of the pivotal moments for me to start believing in the power of mindfulness occurred about 15 years ago,  a few years before I embarked on my NLP and Hypnotherapy journey, as I like to think of it!  I was having a pretty rough time, terrible back problems had put paid to me continuing as a carpet fitter, a good friend of mine was suffering with a brain tumour, and to top it all it was January, a time when the whole country were in the midst of the post Christmas financial and emotional blues.  I am lucky enough to live in a very beautiful place, so decided to take a long walk to visit my friend and try and shift my mood.  The walk took me along a well trodden path of the Military Road.  Its is a beautiful coastal route running from the Western most tip of the Isle of Wight at Freshwater towards the Southernmost tip at St Catherines.  The views are always stunning, no matter the weather and this day was no different.  During my walk I noticed a Tall Ship out at sea.  It was involved in some sort of training practise, and was making repeated small journeys, lifting and dropping sails and anchor! I felt so lucky to be the only audience other than the seagulls to view this magnificent ship in all its glory.  It got me thinking, I had never been on a ship of that size, in fact the most exciting boat journey I had ever been on was the ferry from the island to the mainland!  How wonderful would it be, to be aboard that tall ship, or any large ship and to set sail across the oceans.  I sat on a bench and drunk in the view and let my imagination run free.

A few weeks before, I had 3 days work for a carpet firm, fitting carpets on the Canberra and other Cruise Liners.  All the talk of the lads on that job had been on the “cushty job” of being selected as one of the fitters to go on the World Cruise.

At the time I was engrossed with a book called the Power of Positive Intention.  All about visualising your goals to help you achieve them, about mantras and positive thinking to influence your behaviour.    As I sat on the bench, the sun shone on the crystal blue green sea as far as the eye could see, but behind me the sky was slate grey, huge dark clouds, cloaking the downs.  I sat and dreamed and imagined and put into practise some of the positive thinking that I had been reading about, and noticed that a strange weather phenomenon – it had started to snow! It was most surreal, the sea still reflecting the beautiful sunshine in front of me with, but the sky black as night behind, with snow flurrying in the wind!

I left my daydreaming post and hurried along the path to meet with my friend, still in awe of the strangeness of the situation.

That night I received a call at home, the carpet fitting company I had worked for needed me to help on a fitting job on a Cruise ship in dry dock.  I turned up the next day and was one of the 3 guys selected to fly to Tenerife, to join the Canberra on the World cruise.

Right place at the right time … yes …. on that bench, dreaming my dreams…..

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