Love London

imgresWow what a weekend – a mix of nostalgia, bang on trendiness and a whole bunch of new “friends”!!

An old friend of mine, from when we were 14, got in touch to say she had got us tickets to go and see Absolute Bowie . I am not usually into tribute bands but she insisted they were fab and a must see, so I buried my reservations and agreed to go.  To make this whole event even more surreal, it was based in the Ruislip Social Club, a type of community centre that has a Live Music night on Fridays!  Not exactly the O2!!

But what I saw blew me away.  The professionalism of the band, singing, the acting, and the costumes were incredible – and that was just the audience!  It turns about Absolute Bowie are an international act who gig all over the World (and not just in local community Centres either!!) I am a converted groupie and will be recommending these guys to all my friends and booking to see them again soon!  (next time I may even dress up!)

So from a blast from the musical past I went to meet my wife and 21 year old daughter, who has flown the nest and is living in London.    She had arranged for us to go to a gig in Ritzys Picture House in Brixton.  I was very wary … the last time I visited t, it was during the day and for work – and even then the vibe was one that made you do your job and leave as soon as was humanly possible.   The Brixton I knew has been transformed into a buzzing hub of activity with an atmosphere that I can only describe as “festival like”  The venue was fab, all low ceilings, busy bar and intimate indie crowd together in a common interest of watching the performance from Amberlandband, a fab 5 piece band that write and play their own stuff.  Another great performance from a completely different genre! Thoroughly enjoyable (Thanks Alice!! )

Home time arrived and we found ourselves at the mercy of the night-buses, and despite the delays (20 mins in Brixton and then an hour at Trafalgar square for a connecting bus), I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.  To experience Brixton at 3am, and find it as busy, if not busier than at 4pm was amazing – all the fast food chains were full to bursting, the streets were filled with cars, bikes, and people, and all round was this feeling of friendliness and comradeship – a long way from the Brixton of old!  Trafalgar square had the same camaraderie, people chatting, asking others for help with maps, bus times etc. Thank goodness for smart phones –  there are Apps to tell you where you go to get the nearest night-bus, Apps to tell you what time your bus will arrive, Apps that are progress checkers on the bus you are waiting for … you name it there is an App for it!  I just wish there was an App that cloaked you in a warm cosy blanket!  Being a young and naive 55 year old I had left the house with out a coat – London at 4am in October is COLD!

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