Freedom and Communication

In my last blog I talked about my amazing and diverse weekend in London, but what I didn’t really touch on was the incredible feeling of freedom, acceptance and communication that penetrates our late night society.

Finding myself in the Capital after 2am, two things struck me. Firstly the friendliness and warmth of the people around, and secondly the communication. There is a lot of buzz at the moment about society, particularly the young, being addicted to their technology, but boy does it come in handy when you are at a freezing bus stop at 2am wondering when, or even if, the next bus will turn up to whisk you off to your warm cozy bed!

This very technology that attracts so much negative press, in my recent experience, actually brought people together.

Let me explain … A young gentleman, very well dressed, approached me at my first bus stop, he was propping up his friend, who was a little worse for drink and seemed to be mustering all his strength to concentrate on staying upright – multi-tasking with conversation was a step too far for him! It became apparent these guys were trying to find their way home … but they had run out of battery on their smart phones and had no idea where to go to pick up their bus home …. ta daahh .. I produce my phone – we chat, they tell me about their night out on a party boat on the Thames, I tell them about the great band I have been to see … we communicate – real face to face communication!! They solve their dilemma by using a phone app that guides you to your nearest bus stop, what time the bus is timetabled to arrive and a tracker to check on where the bus is right now! I have learned something new, (and now knew how long I,would waiting for my bus!!) and I feel I have helped a fellow citizen.

The next people to stop by were on holiday, they were astounded that our tube system actually closed at 12.30am and were struggling to make sense of their tourists map to find their way home. Out came my phone … again …. after chatting a while, we helped them on their way in the right direction – another good deed done!

The list goes on … I encountered so many different kinds of people that night, a gay couple who really should have got a room! Something I have not come across before – their confidence of going about doing their thing .. out in the open, and the acceptance of people around was uplifting. A guy who had either been in a fight or injured himself somehow being looked after by a group of policemen that remained with him for over an hour, keeping him safe, and treating him with patience and care well beyond the call of duty.

Now I am not saying everyone should approve of every kind of late night behaviour, but its the acceptance that it goes on that I love – a real live and let live attitude that permeates the city late at night under the cover of darkness. #LetsgotoLondonagainsoon

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