Welcome to the Cliff Love blog, thanks for dropping by.

I’m Cliff, I’m married to Sandy, the love of my life, and have 5 children.  This year I reached the ripe age of 55! I grew up in Northolt, North London on an estate called The Racecourse Estate; a very different place from what you will find now.  My childhood days saw the estate full of kids, a real baby boomer time and a great community feel and I have fabulously happy memories of growing up there.  I was a non-achiever at school – I think that’s the “label” kids like me were given, I have since found out my label turned out to be a gift called dyslexia!

Leaving school with no qualifications I fell in to a job as a carpet fitter, and did this until my back finally gave out and I could no longer continue.  This coincided with a massive change in one of my youngest children; Henry.  He was about 10 years old and had gone through a sudden personality change – he became defiant in every aspect of his life, at school, at home, with his sibling, his friends – it occurred almost overnight and was terrifying!

I had always been fascinated by alternative connectiveness, strange and unusual co-incidences, and the power of the mind.  I started to explore NLP after attending a Parent workshop with the Primary School Henry attended, within the first 30 mins I was hooked!   I realised I needed to change things about myself in order to help Henry and embarked on the long journey of study to become an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist.  (Particularly arduous for me being severely dyslexic and with an attention span shorter than a goldfish!!)

I now have a successful NLP training business and have developed programs for people wanting to loose weight and to stop smoking.  For more information on this and my NLP courses please see the links below.






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